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Are you between 6 and 18 years old? Then Chiro is something you would love. Every Sunday, you can play, frolic or craft or just be together with your friends. Always from 14.00 until 18.00, on the terrain of the Chiro.

This page explains what Chiro Lore is in your own language. The main language of members and leaders is Dutch, and our means of communication and activities as well. Chiro is a place where you can enjoy a wonderful time with peers.

green field of Chiro Lore


You can try twice before enrolling officially. Is Chiro right up your alley? Our leaders will plan a visit at your home and will provide all necessary information for the parents. Any questions left? Feel free to send us an email to

Enrollment costs € 25 per year. This includes that you are insured for civil liability, accidents and legal assistance.

Stay up to date

You can find our planned activities at This will also be sent to you via email.

Chiro clothing

At Chiro, we wear a uniform. The uniform is a set of clothing especially made to get dirty and to be spotted easily in big crowds.

It is not necessary to have all items. You are free to choose from what we have to offer. It is still mandatory that you wear a sweater, a shirt or a tanktop, combined with a skirt or shorts.

You can get new Chiro clothing for € 10 a piece. The sweater in child’s size costs € 15 and the adult’s size costs € 20. For secondhand clothing, it costs € 5 a piece. To buy Chiro clothing, you must look for leader Kos or leader Sarah. Clothing that has become to small for you to wear, can be sold back to us for € 5 a piece. Sometimes, our stockage will fall short. You will have to buy your uniform at the Chiro shop called De Banier.

The uniform is a product range of different pieces of clothing, where you are free to choose from


You are allowed to bring your own cookie and beverage for snacktime. But, it is also available to be bought at the Chiro.

You can pay cash or you can use a digital dash list. You can put an amount of your choice there. So you do not have to make the puzzle every week and you avoid the risk of losing the money while playing.

How do you put money on your digital dash list?

Do you want to know what happens to your money on the digital dash list? You can ask the leaders at any time how much money you still have and know what has been bought with it. In that case, just send an e-mail to the section leaders.

Weekend and camp

You go on a weekend with your section. Staying at a location from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon and having fun all the time. Great, right? For the youngest, it is also a good preparation for the camp.

Every year we go camping from 21 to July 31 with all the sections. The youngest will only start from the 25th. Keep this period vacant, because it is the best moment of the entire Chiro year.

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